The Next Day’s Events || Chapter 2
Shane woke the next morning and let out a soft contented purr, he hadn’t felt so safe and protected since he was a tiny kitten. He curled closer to the warm body wrapped around him, even in his sleep Wes was letting out a deep instinctual purr, designed to calm the kit. Shane knew he should feel embarrassed, and that would certainly come later, but right now he couldn’t ruin the moment.
Wesley purred his body wrapped around the younger kit. He felt the warmth next to him and the curls of the youngers tail around him he didn’t want to open his eyes he just wanted to enjoy the warmth. His tail was curled around the younger boy.
Shane let out a quiet happy mew, his tail was wrapped around on of Wes’ legs and the fur on his ears was puffed up happily. This felt so right, so natural, “Morning.” He whispered, hearing the thrum of Wes’ heartbeat change as the older hyrbid woke.
Wesley nodded “Morning” He said groggily, Wes stretched his tail not uncurling from Shane’s tinier frame. “how are you feeling” He whispered softly to the younger boy his eyes opening slowly his hazel eyes staring at the piercing green eyes of the younger kit curled against him.
Shane found that he couldn’t pull his eyes away from the warm hazel eyes, “Better…” He purred softly, “I… I’m s-sorry…”
Wesley smiled “don’t apologize Shane I am always here for you” He purred out

Shane blinked, “You… You really didn’t mind?”
Wesley shook his head “No, No I don’t”
Shane stretched his body before looking at the clock, suddenly everything went rigid, he whimpered, it was time to get ready, they’d need to go to classes soon.
Wesley “Whats wrong Shane” He mewled out as he stretched his tail finally released from Shane’s body his eyes closed to stretch he purred “We need to get ready and get breakfast”
Shane nodded, panicking even more at that loss of contact, “Classes.” He admitted softly, curling into a tighter ball, “T-Too many people…”
Wesley moved back to curl against Shane “Shhhh Shhhhh Shane sweet young Shane shhh”
Shane let out the same distressed mewl he’d woken Wes with in the middle of the night, it was new sound for him, he’d never made it before, he buried his face in Wes neck, trembling.
Wesley “relax, everyone here will be nice to you, everyone here wants to meet you, everyone here won’t hurt you” He cooed purring to relax the younger kit.

Shane “I just… I d-don’t like crowds.” He whispered, “A-And this school’s so b-big!”
Wesley “I know I wish I was in the same grade or I’d protect you but I do have a friend that is in your grade who can look after you if you’d like?” He said smiling to Shane soflty
Shane nodded hopefully, he didn’t want to be alone and not know anybody, that just made things worse.
Wesley “Shane you need to go to classes I’ll have my cell on me if you need me you can call me if you feel overwhelmed or text message me” He said as he crawled over Shane, his tail flicking as he stood and grabbed his Uniform he moved into the bathroom as he stuck his head out “I promise Shane you’ll be okay”
Shane staying curled where he was, looking down, a tear rolling down his cheek as Wes left for the bathroom. Thing’s /wouldn’t/ be okay, how could they be? He’d spent his entire life being homeschooled and locked in a house where he only ever saw his tutor and the housekeepers and now he’d been thrown into this massive schools, sniffling he crawled off the bed to grab his uniform, curling on his own bed to wait for the bathroom to be free.
Wesley stepped out of the bathroom clean and dressed in his school uniform straightening his tie up looking to Shane “your turn” He smiled as his tail swayed back and forth “And don’t forget you’ve got a hole for your tail in those pants” He smiled to Shane “I’ll wait for you and walk you to the dining hall and to your first class” He smiled grabbing his book bag for the day that had his notebooks in it”
Shane Mewling miserably, Shane padded into the bathroom. He came out twenty minutes later, his fur and curls still slightly damp, his uniform a little big, making him look even small. Pulling his messenger bag onto his shoulder he waited nervously for Wes.
Wesley looked at Shane smiling “I’ll have Reed take your uniforms in for you” he nodded “He’s giving all your pant’s holes for your tail” He smiled to Shane “Ready to get some breakfast” He moved closer to Shane and scritched his ears gently
Shane purred, leaning into Wes’ hand and almost forgetting how scared he was as his tail swished contentedly, he bit his lip and nodded hesitantly.
Wesley lead Shane out the door “Breath and just remember I’m always a phone call away okay?” he smiled as he lead Shane down the stairs and towards the Dining hall that connected the Dorm to the School, one of the two entrances into the Dorms “Alright this is the Dining room” He says.

Shane stopped in the doorway, eyes wide like a deer in headlights as he took in the massive Dining Room and countless tables full of countless students. He let out a low whine and wrapped his tail around Wes’ wrist.
Wesley sees the tail around his wrist “Relax Shane, Relax.” He smiled to Shane and pulled him towards the food
Shane stumbled after Wes, his head swivelling around and trying take everything in, “I’m not hungry…” He whined.
Wesley “Yes you are you are just nervous you need to eat?” Wes said “Don’t make me mother you” he mewled out
Shane whined but he knew he wouldn’t win, Wes was already his protector. Kit’s tended to be mothered until they found their mate, but Shane had never really had that, so it was nice to have someone look after him, “Okay…”
Wesley nodded “Alright get some food” He coaxed Shane with his tail to move forward as he grabbed his own tray grabbing waffles with butter and syrup and some milk “come on Shane grab something”
Shane picked up a small fruit salad and a carton of milk, he really couldn’t keep anything else down, he stuck close to Wes’ side. He caught the eye of a handsome Calico looking him up and down and shivered, he was looking at him like a shiny new toy.
Wesley continued walking as he saw Jeff, Nick, and Thad at a table “look Shane, our friends are waiting for us” He said as he urged with his tail towards the table where the boys sat as they passed the table with there other warbler friends he noticed a fellow Cat-brid Calico Sebastian eyeing Shane, he knew Sebastian was into conquest and gaining play things and he didn’t like how he was looking at Shane.
Shane nodded, tearing his eyes away from the smirking Calico and keeping walking, he slid into a seat next to Nick and smiled shyly at him, “Hi…”
Wesley settled into a seat his tail curling around the metal as he smiled to the boys nodding “Good morning boys, you sleep well” He turned around to see the Calico still staring at Shane he looked back to Jeff and nudged his nose towards Sebastian and Jeff nodded in knowing.
Shane Thad caught Wes’ look and chuckled, “Oh good, Seb’s on the prowl again.” He rolled his eyes then yelped as Nick kicked him, “Hey!”
Wesley nodded “Yes and his new sights are on Shane” He said as he watched Shane eat “Shane, be careful please he has the idea of prowling the newbies or someone he hasn’t met and tries to bed them” He scowled at his words as Jeff and Nick and Thad nodded.
Shane ‘s eyes shot to Sebastian and let out a worried mewl, he wasn’t interested in anything like that, he was just getting used to being around people, he just wanted to feel safe. When Sebastian saw him looking his smirk grew and he winked at the kitten before going back to his conversation with his friend.
Wesley tail uncurled and moved up to Shane’s head and turned his Chin “Your feeding into his game Shane eat and I will walk you towards your first class” he smiled
Shane nodded eating his fruit, his hand shaking slightly. Nick turned to Wes, “Have you asked someone in his year to look after him?”
Wesley “I was going to ask Reed, the mouse down the hall from us” He spoke to Nick, “why did you have someone else in mind?” he asked as he finished his waffles watching Shane

Shane Nick shrugged, “No, I was just going to suggest a Warbler.” He nodded, “Reed’s really nice, Shane, you’ll be fine.” Jeff grinned, ruffling Shane’s curls, “Plus you’re so cute everyone’ll love you!”
Wesley nodded “Yes I was telling him that everyone will absolutely love you” He smiled seeing Nick ruffle his curls. Wes curled his tail around the chair and turned his eyes back towards Sebastian his eyes had still been watching Shane “Does he ever get bored of his game?”
Shane Thad shook his head, “Not until he wins. And he /always/ wins.”
Wesley tried to hold back a growl he didn’t like how Sebastian looked at Shane and he didn’t understand what was happening to him “Well I hope this time he loses” He grumbles as he looked back to Thad
Shane Thad laughed and shared a pointed look with Nick, it was obvious what was happening but their friend was so oblivious. Shane finished his fruit and started drinking his milk, purring loudly, he loved the stuff.
Wesley smiled as he heard Shane purr, he’d heard the kit purring all night and it was the best sound he’d ever heard before. “So what are you three doing after classes?”
Jeff shrugged, “I wanted to head to the mall, there’s a gorgeous bass in the music store…” He grinned.
Nick rolled his eyes, “Which means I’m going to be stuck shopping for hours while Jeff buys bass number six.”
"You play bass?" Shane asked softly, "I… I play piano…"
Wesley laughs as his friends talk “What about you Thad?”
He looked to Shane “wait you play piano?” he seemed impressed at Shane’s piano skills “You’ll have to play for us sometime” He smiled 
Wes nodded in agreement

Shane swallows nervously and nods, “Um… Y-Yeah… I mean… Do you think I could borrow the school’s? I used to… to sneak into the study and p-play father’s…” 
Jeff Bounced with excitement, Jeff nodded, “Of course! There’s only in the Warbler Hall, I bet Wes’d give you clearance to use it any time!”
Wesley laughed, “How do you know I’d do that” He rose his brow at Jeff “But yes you could” He smiled wide. 
Nick laughed “yes you’ll have to play for us!”
Shane nodded, a little overwhelmed, “Okay…” He chewed on his lip, ears drooping as the warning bell sounded.
Wesley “Alright the lot lets get to class” He smiled as he grabbed Shane’s tray “Let’s go” He smiled getting up spotting Reed “Hey Reed over here” 
Reed had scurried over and smiled at Wes, “Yes?” 
Wes smiled “This is Shane, he’s in your year and in most of your classes please keep an eye on him please and help him” he said looking at Reed “I’m depending on you”
Shane blinked and waved at the small Mouse hybrid, he’d never even seen pictures of one before, “Hi…” He whispered shyly, his tail flicking, he couldn’t help but want to chase the mouse and play with him, he was still a kitten, really.
Wesley smiled watching Shane “You’ll have fun with Reed I promise he’ll keep an eye on you” he smiled and watched the other three leave. “I’ll walk you both to class then Reed can take you from there alright?”
Shane nodded, unable to stop his hand from reaching out and gently batting Reed’s ears, his eyes widened, “G-God… I’m sorry!”
Wesley laughed as he watched Shane with Reed 
Reed spoke “I I don’t mind” He smirked looking to Shane “I I’m Reed” He trembled “N-n-nice to m-meet you”

Shane blinked as the started threading through the corridors, Reed seemed as nervous as he was. Shane wrapped his tail around Wes’ wrist again as they entered the busy hallways.
Wesley felt the tail wrap around his wrist and smiled as he watched Shane and Reed walk side by side the older boy escorted the two younger ones straight to there class he smiled as he stopped in front of the class. “Alright, here’s your first class. Reed can help you to your next few i’ll pick you up at lunch and have lunch with you escort you to your class after that and Reed can help you after that and I’ll pick you up at your lass class alright” He asked Shane as he used his tail to lift the younger boy’s chin. “And if you need me you have my number,” he turned to Reed “If he needs me and he’s not responding you text me” He said to Reed sternly
Shane David was leaning against the lockers watching Wes and a new student, he chuckled he watched the dazed look on his best freind’s face as Shane and Reed disappeared into their class. “You’re so in /love/” He teased from behind Wes once they were alone.
Wesley whipped around “What? Love? No!” he stumbled over his words at his friend as he moved forward and gestured for him to lead the way to class “I AM NOT” he restated
Shane “Whatever you say.” David laughed over his shoulder, “I saw the way you looked at him. Is he the new room-mate? He’s really small…”
Wesley “Yes he is his names Shane” He said softly as he walked with David “And he’s 16 that’s why” He stated to David “Your nosy, nutface”
Shane David turned around and glared at him, “Alright fish-boy, I just want to know about the kid my best friend’s going to marry.” He smirked.
Wesley eyes wide “Marry since when did love turn to marry?” he eyed his friend suspiciously as they sat in there class and pulled out there things for class. Wes mind wander off to what Shane was doing. He pulled his phone out and texted the younger boy /how are you faring/ he put his phone in his pocket and looked back to David who was staring at him “What?”
David rolled his eyes, “Nothing. Nothing at all.”
Shane was curled in a corner seat at the back of the classroom, and it was already overwhelming. The class was large, and they were covering material that his home tutor had never gone over with him before, his head was swimming and he wasn’t even aware of the low whine of distress he was emitting. He got Wes’ text and decided to lie, he didn’t want to worry the older cat-brid. /I’m fine! How about you?/
Wesley looked down at his text and replied /I’m good now tell me the truth/ he knew the younger cat was scared and he knew it from the way his tail had found home on his wrist “Spill Nutface or I’ll let Jeff and Nick have at you during practice” He whispered with a smirk as the teacher had his back turned to the class

"It’s just…" David cocked his head to one side, suddenly serious, "It’s all pretty sudden… Do you think maybe… I mean it’s crazy but… He could be your true mate?" It was rare that a hybrid met their true mate, the one person they were /meant/ to be with, but one in a while true mates would collide, of course a hybrid could meet and fall in love, just like anyone, but there was nothing as strong as the bond of true mates.
Shane whimpered, eyes darting worriedly down the room, his panicked eyes met Reed’s, he was scared, he wanted to run, but he knew that he couldn’t, it was only his first class and he needed to get through it. /I’m scared… But I have to deal with it./ “R-Reed…” He whispered, “I… I don’t understand any of this…” He could feel the teacher getting frustrated with him.
Wesley texted back /relax small one relax/ he looked up to meet David’s face “True mates? What on earth? No I mean I” He paused chewing on his lip his tail swishing as he thought his ears moving it’s what they did when he thought his nose squished up then he looked at David “How does it look to you when we are together?” he asked suddenly.
Reed put his hand on Shane’s hand “Relax I’m sure that if you need help I’ll help you and if I can’t than i’m sure your boyfriend will” He said with a small snicker and continued to write notes.
Shane whined, “He’s not my boyfriend!” But deep down he knew something was happening, he’d never felt this way before… He made him feel safe and protected in a way that no one ever had. He didn’t understand it, it was sudden and scary. /I’m trying…/
David hesitated, “It looks… like you were meant to be together.”
Wesley felt hot around the collar as the words came from David’s mouth. He looked down to see Shane’s text /I would come rescue you but you’d have to face them eventually/ he looked up watching the teacher write on the board once more as he copied the notes and ignored David the rest of the class until the bell rang
"Well you two looked like you were dating" Reed murmured as the bell rung and he grabbed Shane’s hand "Come on let’s head to next class" He squealed tugging the young cat with him.

Shane squealed, letting Reed pull him along, “W-What do we have now?” He forgot to be rigid in the corridor, Reed was pulling him along so quickly he could hardly think.
Reed squealed to Shane “History” He smiled to the young cat as he tugged him along to til they were in the next class taking seats in the back
Wes was following David out of the class when he saw a mouse tugging a Cat down the hall and he laughed and nudge David “Reed’s taking his job very seriously I see”
David rolled his eyes, watching the accident prone mouse, “What did you expect? You’d just better hope Reed doesn’t break him!” He warned, teasingly.
Wesley dead panned at the thought “That mouse will be in deep shit if he does”
David chuckled and nodded, “So protective of your little boyfriend!”
Wesley sputtered “He’s not my boyfriend” He said harshly as he headed towards there next class “He’s my roommate who is scared easily.” He wasn’t about to admit that the young kit had slept in his arms last night due to a fright
Shane Half way through the lesson Shane asked to be excused because he needed to toilet, assuring Reed that he’d be fine since the hallways would be empty he wandered off to find his way to a restroom, only to get himself lost. He turned a corner and froze, noticing the Calico just ahead of him clutching a hall pass. Sebastian turned around and smirked before heading straight for Shane, making a beeline for his pray. He managed to walk Shane backwards so that his back was pressed against a wall and the larger, confident cat-brid was blocking his escape, “Hey gorgeous.” Sebastian purred, Shane shuddered, Sebastian’s purr didn’t make him feel safe like Wes’ did. “I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Sebastian Smythe. And /you/ are?”
"Sh-Shane…" Shane whimpered, choosing not to give a last name, "I h-have to go…" He tried to slip past Sebastian, there was something about this cat that scared him, and he didn’t like being pinned to a wall.

Wesley didn’t like the way the hours dragged on through each class he didn’t see inbetween the next passing of periods and he didn’t like that Reed was walking the corridor alone he pinned the mouse to the wall “Where is he” he growled out in a voice that wasn’t like him.
Reed shook in Wesley’s hold “Ummm He He went to the bathroom and never returned” He trembled out.
Wesley dropped him telling a quick “Grab my homework for me” to David before heading off towards the bathrooms on this floor opening the bathroom door Wesley called out “Shane?” he looked at the stalls “Shane?” worrying his lip between his teeth
Shane was curled in the furthest away stall in a tiny ball, trembling, he’d managed to get away from Sebastian, but his forwardness has scared him and he hadn’t moved from the bathroom since. Hearing Wes’ voice he let out a distressed mewl.
Wesley heard the distressed mewl “Shane” He moved to the last stall knock on it “Shane it’s Wes I’m here come on little one we’ll head back to the Dorms and we can curl up and talk I got Reed and David to get our homework” He cooed to the younger one coaxing him from his spot
Shane whimpered and reached up to unlock the door, staying curled in his ball.
Wesley walked in and scooped up the younger one his ears lopsided his tail curling around Shane “What’s wrong?”
Shane curled himself close to Wes’ chest, he was trembling badly, “H-He… He d-didn’t /do/ anything.” He whispered, “He j-just /scared/ me…”
Wesley growled out “Who!” he didn’t like that someone had left Shane so scared it was making his hair stand on end on his tail and ears “Shane who?”

Shane swallowed, burying his face in Wes’ neck, “S-Sebastian…”
Wesley growled louder “That cat’s gonna die if he touches you once more” He scooped up Shane’s bag with his tail and tried to situate it on his shoulder and nuzzled his face into Shane’s neck “want to go back to the dorm or back to class?”
Shane “Dorm?” Shane begged, “P-Please? I’m s-sorry I just… I just c-can’t…”
Wesley nodded “I know but you can’t avoid school and crowds forever young one” He purred out and carried Shane towards the dorms walking up the stairs and towards there door easing it open and walking in placing Shane on his bed and walked across the room to put his bag on his desk then back to his side putting his own book bag down and looked at Shane laying in his bed “Better?”
Shane help out his arms, making grabby hands and whining softly, “C-Come lie with m-me?”
Wesley nodded “Let me hang up my blazer or rather change into pj’s it’s better that I not ruin my uniform you should too”
Shane sighed and started to strip out of his uniform, then froze as he remembered the bruises all over his body, he grabbed him pjs and bolted for the bathroom to change.
Wesley wrapped his tail around Shane’s wrist stopping him “Hold up kit”
Shane let out a desperate mewl, “W-What? I just… I need the toilet. I’ll be right back.”
Wesley shook his head his eyes roaming over his half clothed body “The bruises? Where are they from?”
Shane looked down not meeting Wes’ eyes, he knew they were bad, his pale skin was marred all over with dark multicoloured bruises. They hurt and made his muscles sore. “They’re n-nothing. I’m accident prone.”
Wesley “bull shit” he called “go to the bathroom then come back and we’ll discuss it” He was mad that the pale curly haired kit was treated the way he was he released the boy from his tails hold “hurry”
Shane nodded, rushing to the bathroom, something about the tone of Wes’ voice made it hard for him to disobey, he came out five minutes later, trembling worriedly. He hung up his uniformed them moved to stand nervously in front of Wes, not sure what he was supposed to say.
Wesley was lounging under the covers of his bed he always felt safe under the warm covers he curled up waiting for Shane he heard the door of the bathroom his ears perked up his eyes following the sound seeing the kit come out he patted the bed when he arrived “Come on young one tell me why you have those bruises and who I need to kill” he growled the end of his words
Shane instant crawled under the covers and curled as close to Wes as he could, “They’re really n-not that bad…” He whispered softly, hoping Wes would drop it.
Wesley “yes they are Shane and you think i’m going to let it slide you obviously don’t know me”
Shane mewled, obviously upset but he burrowed into Wes, not looking at him, “I-It’s… I mean it’s m-my fault. He only d-does it when I deserve it.” He whispered, so Wes could only just hear.
Wesley “When you DESERVE IT! SHANE” he cried out “you never EVER deserve to be hurt, hit, or abused like this. your not someone’s problem, or animal you are your own person. you think, you feel, you talk, you walk, you take care of yourself and the fact that he destroyed your sense of self makes me want to gut him alive” He curled his tail around Shane trying to protect him
Shane was trembling, curled as small as he could make himself, “H-He… It was my father.” He mewed, “He d-does it when I… I n-nearly g-get seen or… or i-if I do something too catlike. He… He w-wants me to act like a h-human but… but I’m /not/ a human and it’s h-hard…” He was sobbing into Wes’ chest now.
Wesley was pissed his ears were straight up his eyes were wide he was trying not to stick his claws into Shane he was trying to calm down but the fact that Shane’s father was a disgrace to any human life form was pissing Wes off more he was making weird hissing noises he wanted nothing more to track down Shane’s dad and slash him to pieces with his claws
Shane looked up, his emerald eye huge, “A-Are… Are you o-okay?”
Wesley “I hate your dad and your NEVER going to see him again if I have ANY say”
Shane tensed, “B-But… But I h-have to…”

Wesley “why?”
Shane looked down, “He’s my father… Besides he says I have to come back holidays… He doesn’t want to risk me going out and people noticing a resemblance…” Shane sniffled nuzzling Wes for comfort.
Wesley “You aren’t going home to him for the holiday’s your coming home with me and that’s final you don’t need to be around a man like that” his fur on his ears were ruffled he seriously didn’t like Shane’s father
Shane “Why do you hate him so much?” Shane whispered, “I… I should h-have t-tried harder. I should have b-been more human for him…”
Wesley “You aren’t human you should embrace your hybrid you are amazing as a kitten” He said scritching Shane’s ears “Don’t deny your animal nature or your cat like abilities it’s him that should’ve tried harder to be a better father instead of an asshole” he growled out
Shane couldn’t help but purr as Wes scratched his ears, it had been so long since someone had treated him so well.
Wesley smiled as Shane purred
Shane curled closer to Wes, “Thank you f-for finding me t-today. I don’t think I have… have left the bathroom by m-myself.”
Wesley nodded “I’m glad I ran into Reed” He stated leaving out the part where he could’ve or would’ve nearly killed the mouse for leaving the kit unprotected “I am glad I found you” he smiled down to the calmed boy
Shane “He… He didn’t do anything he just… He had me pinned against the wall and I freaked out.” Shane blushed.
Wesley growled “I don’t like that he had you pinned to ANYTHING” he stated

Shane nodded, “I didn’t like it either.” He whispered, he couldn’t help but lick Wes’ neck lightly with the tip of his tongue, it was a sign off affection, he hadn’t meant to do it.
Wesley moaned “Mmm” He’d never had affection like that shown to him before not the loving manner that wasn’t familial affection he looked down to the younger boy “That felt nice” He smiled
Shane hesitated, he was filled with the urge to kiss Wes. He couldn’t understand it. It was sudden and scary but it just felt right, “Wes?” He whispered softly, “W-Will… I mean, would you… Will you kiss me?”
Wesley eyes wide as he licks his lips then leans down kissing Shane sweetly.
Shane felt himself surrender into the kiss, his tails wrapped itself around Wes’ waist and his ears perked up happily as he opened his mouth slightly deepening he kiss. Finally he broke away, purring softly.
Wesley purred against Shane nuzzling into the sweet little kit mewling
Shane breathed out slowly, “I… I liked that it… it was like we… like we /connected/… Does that make sense?”
Wesley nodded “I I think we did too, David told me we look like True mates” he bit his lip “I I don’t know much about True mates do you?”
Shane nodded hesitantly, “I used to look them up… I guess I was hoping that one day I’d find mine.” He blushed.
Wesley “So you know?”
Shane hummed, “From what I’ve read up there… there isn’t a w-way to /really/ know until we… um… have…” He trailed off blushing
Wesley “go on how do you tell?”
Shane “Um… After you… After you have s-sex you get a mark… Like… Like b-birthmark I guess. It’s a d-dark red leaf… There.” He placed the tip of his finger carefully on Wes’ hip, “Until then it’s… It’s hard to tell cause… cause the bond hasn’t b-been completed yet… see? Just… You feel draw to one and other that’s… that’s the only clue.”
Wesley nodded as Shane spoke softly he smiled at the kit. “I was never given the talk by my parents because both my parents are hybrid cats and they just figured it would be instinctual to me” He shrugged and wrapped his tail around Shane’s body smiling to the younger boy.
Shane shrugged, “I googled it.” He whispered softly.
Wesley “Clever kitten” he licked Shane’s neck in affection he stopped and looked at Shane once more “sorry” he blushed
Shane shook his head, eyes wide, “D-Don’t be. I… I like it. It feels… /right./ Don’t you think so?”
Wesley nodded “I feel the need to protect you”
Shane smiled, “I feel safe around you.”
Wesley “good you should”
Shane curled his tail more tightly around Wes’ waist, his stomach growled loudly, he hadn’t eaten much at breakfast and they’d missed lunch now.
Wesley “you hungry kit?”
Shane nodded, mewling softly.
Wesley grabbed his phone and texted Jeff /bring me and Shane something to eat please/
Shane Jeff texted back within minutes /Where did you two disappear too? You know we have Warbler practice in five minutes right?/
Wesley /take my place today Jeff, Sebastian cornered Shane and I’ve got him in our dorm/ He looked to Shane “food will be here soon kit “

Shane nodded and kissed Wes cheek gently, “Thank you.” Wes’ phone buzzed with a text from Jeff /Is he okay?!?!/
Wesley /Yes/ “Your welcome” he licked Shane once more
Shane giggled softly, his head snapping up at the loud knock on the door.
Wesley “stay kit it’s just our food” He crawls over Shane opening the door thanking Jeff taking the food and shutting the door locking it and sitting next to Shane on his bed “come on there’s two plates of grilled cheese and chips and milk”
Shane curled on Wes’ lap, knowing it made things awkward but not wanting to move, he bit into his grilled cheese happily.
Wesley ate his grilled cheese happily curling his tail around Shane’s waist.
Shane For such a small kit, Shane ate his food surprisingly quickly, but he savoured his milk, it being his favourite part of every meal.
Wesley drank his milk as he finished he licked his lips then nuzzled into Shane purring
Shane snuggled close, he loved the sound of Wes’ purr, “W-Wes…” He asked softly, “Are we… Are you… Are you my b-boyfriend?”

Wesley “D-do you want that?”
Shane blushed and looked down, “More than anything.” He admitted softly, “B-But… But I… I m-mean… I understand if you d-don’t want me.” Shane whimpered fearfully, “I’m b-broken.”
Wesley sighed “You are NOT broken”
Shane pouted, “You don’t need to lie to me.” He whispered dejectedly, Wes hadn’t answered his question, that couldn’t be good. “I can’t even go into the hallway without freaking out… And my body’s a mess…”
Wesley wrapped his tail around Shane bringing him closer “Yes, I want to be your boyfriend my lil kit” He purred shushing Shane with a gentle kiss
Shane ‘s huge eyes widened even further, “I… Y-You… You do?” He whispered against Wes’ lips.
Wesley nodded “Slow though, I don’t want to just jump into it. Your young and your father was a fucking prick and you are a kit in every sense since you denied yourself your birthright so your going to be experiencing more of your cat instincts now since you aren’t in his presence” He stated to the younger Kit
Shane blinked curiously, “I… I am? What does that mean?”
Wesley “You denied your cat self right?”
Shane nodded, “Yeah… I wasn’t allowed…”
Wesley “well now the cat you is going to come forward since your being allowed to show that self more” He stated to Shane then to prove a point grabbed his laser pointer and turned it on pointing the red dot at the ground
Shane blinked, he was holding himself back, he refused to let himself pounce like a young kitten. His whole body was shaking with the effort and his eyes were following the little red dot madly.
Wesley “go ahead baby pounce”
Shane let out a whine and frustration and then he felt his restraint snap, the next thing he knew he was flying through the air, intent on killing the little red light.
Wesley laughed and moved the light to the other side of the room “come on Kit”
Shane let out a playful growl and pounced for it again, giggling softly.
Wesley giggles turning off the light “See what I mean”
Shane let a whine at the loss of the light and then laughed, crawling back into Wes’ lap, “So like… When I couldn’t stop myself batting Reed’s ears?”
Wesley nodded “Yes”

Shane nodded thoughtfully, “I guess… I haven’t been allowed to just… be a kitten since I was five.” He sighed, “My Dad… He slapped me for chasing a ball when I first came to him… It’s my first memory of him. He said humans don’t do that…”
Wesley sighs and pulled Shane close to him “I will never keep you from your natural self”
Shane looked up at him hopefully, “Even when I’m acting like a crazy kitten?”
Wesley nodded “Yes even when your acting like a crazy kitten”
Shane mewled happily and nodded, “Okay then.”
Wesley “Try stretching you’ll enjoy it come on get off me and i’ll show you” He grinned playfully he loved stretching it was one of his guilty traits
Shane Whining, Shane did as he was told and rolled off Wes’ lap/
Wesley got on the floor on all fours and stretched with his tail up in the air showing Shane how it’s done then got up “you try”
Shane nodded and copied Wes, he was surprised at how good it felt, a low purr vibrated from his chest.
Wesley smiled when he heard the purr from Shane’s chest then giggled “Told you”
Shane rolled onto his back, rubbing it against the carpet as Wes’ phone buzzed with a text from Thad /Seb’s bragging to anyone who’ll listen about how he’s gonna tap Shane’s hot kitty ass/
Wesley growled at his phone and replied to Thad /Tell that Calico he’ll have to get through his Siamese Senior Boyfriend that’s right Shane’s MINE/ his ears’ furr bristled and his tail twitched in anger
Shane blinked at Wes’ change of mood and sat up, ears twitching, “What’s wrong?” Another text came through, /Seb says boyfriends have never stopped him before/
Wesley growled and looked to Shane “Stay here” He charged out of his room in Sweats and a shirt running down the stairs towards the dining room slowing to marching straight up to Sebastian his claws out and slashed his face “You come near him or keep talking about how your going to ‘tap that’ and I’ll show you more of where that came from”He growled “You leave him alone, he’s too good for your mangy unkept pussy face” He spat in Sebastian’s face turning his body smacking his tail in Sebastian’s face firmly and moving back up the stairs towards Shane
Shane was curled on Wes’ bed, confused, Wes mood had changed in seconds and then he’d run out, didn’t he want him now? Had he changed his mind? He watched the door with wide, bright green eyes, his ears low on his head and his tail swishing nervously.
Wesley walked back in the door “I’m back I’m sorry” he said looking at Shane “I had to take care of some stupid asshole” he grumbled
Shane: “A-Are… Are you okay?” Shane whispered, “What happened?”
Wesley shuddered “Sebastian’s telling everyone that he’s going quote ‘tap Shane’s hot kitty ass’”
Shane whined softly, trembling a little, “I… I d-don’t w-want…” He mewled.
Wesley “I gave him a tap” he smirked licking his hand
Shane ‘s eyes widened, “You… You didn’t have to do that for me…”
Wesley “Yes I did”
Shane held out his arms for Wes, he was still shaking a little, “Do you… Do you think he’ll stop now?”
Wesley “I only hope so” He said pulling Shane to him lapping his neck trying to soothe the young one in his arms
Shane was still scared of Sebastian, but with Wes grooming him like that, he couldn’t help but purr.
Wesley licked up Shane’s neck moving the young kit and himself to his bed and burrowing into the blankets
Shane curled close to Wes chest, still purring softly, letting the older hybred calm and comfort him.
Wesley moved up further lapping Shane’s jaw he needed to calm down and he felt this calm him with each lap of his tongue across the kits skin
Shane ‘s purr heightened until he body was practically vibrating and it was so loud that it was all Shane could hear, he nuzzled Wes’ shoulder happily.
Wesley smiled against Shane’s skin as his body was vibrating in purrs he nudged his love as his ears twitched “Lets lay down” He suggested

Shane nodded, “Okay.” He yawned, batting at his ears sleepily.
Wesley “you tired kit?”
Shane nodded, and mewed sleepily, “S’been a long day…”
Wesley nodded “It has for you little one” he purred to Shane
Shane kissed Wes’ cheek softly, following it with a quick lick, “Can I… C-Can I sleep with you again tonight?” He asked quietly.
Wesley nods “yes you can you can always sleep with me”
Shane Mewling happily, Shane dove under the covers, blinking and waiting for Wes to join him.
Wesley smiled happily at the small kit and crawled under the covers smiling as his tail curled around Shane’s waist nuzzling into him
Shane matched Wes movements and wrapped his own tail around Wes’ chest, leaning up and kissing him sweetly.
Wesley kisses his small Kit “I’m glad your here”
Shane smiled softly, “I’m glad you’re here too.” He whispered, “I… I n-never thought I’d find someone who… who actually /liked/ me. It’s been so long since… since anyone was even kind.”
Wesley brushed his tail along Shane “You are very liked an you will be liked by all here now” He said with a purr as he nuzzled his nose against Shane’s neck
Shane: couldn’t help but beam, he was so happy. He was close to falling asleep when the door opened and the Squirrel hybrid strode in.

"Wesley." He said sternly, "You can’t just go around scratching people! You’re a council member…" He sighed. 

Shane whined and snuggled into Wes’ shoulder, not even looking to see who it was. 

David smirked, “Not your boyfriend, huh Wes?”
Wesley frowned as Shane whined he looked up to see David “That just happened” he said his arms wrapped around Shane cooing to him “I know that David but when someone keeps bragging that there going to “tap that” there going to get my wrath no one talks about my boyfriend like that” He bristled his ears twitching as he glared then looked to David “Shut the door if your going to stay”
David rolled his eyes and shut the door, “Happy now?” He asked, settling down on Shane’s bed and looking them over with a frown, “What’s wrong with him?”
Wesley “He is not use to crowd’s and he doesn’t like what Sebastian is saying and also he’s never given over to his Kitty traits his dad made him suppress them to act normal” He stated to David as he lapped at Shane’s neck to calm him
Shane peeked up at David shyly and instantly his eyes widened, following David’s huge, fluffy tail intently.
Wesley smiled as Shane peeked out he looked to David “I’m sorry I missed practice but he wasn’t faring well with classes so we came up here”
David nodded, “It’s okay. I brought you homework.” He eyed Shane warily, “What?”
Shane crawled off the bed and started stalking slowly towards David, almost circling him.
Wesley watched Shane from the corner of his eye as he smiled to David “Thanks Man”

Shane couldn’t take his eyes off David’s tail, he was drawn to it. He wasn’t paying attention to Wes and David’s conversation at all. Suddenly he pounced, landing on his bed and instantly attacked David’s tails, batting at it playfully, his claws weren’t out, he was just playing like the kitten he was.
Wesley laughed hard as Shane pounced on David’s tail. “Oh My God” He laughed harder as David just turned to try to see what was happening not moving to let the small Kitten play with his tail. “He’s discovered your tail my friend I’d watch out the next few weeks” Wes snickered

David groaned as he felt Shane play with his tail, “It’s not fair! Not another one… Shouldn’t he be able to control this?” He pouted, “/You/ manage.”
Wesley “I was encouraged to be a kitten as a kitten he was never encouraged his dad disciplined him for being a hybrid” Wes stated to David as he watched Shane play “Let him get it out of his system he’ll mature soon let him be a kit for a while he needs it”
Shane was mewling happily as he attacked David’s tail.
David frowned, straining his head to watch the adorable kit, “Who’d punish someone for being a hybrid? It’s not like he can help it… Besides it was his dad who fucked a cat right?”
Shane let out a low whine.
Wesley nodded he got his phone out and took Video of Shane playing with David’s tail smiling “Yeah his dad had an affair with Shane’s mother she died Shane moved in with him. He didn’t like Hybrids and made sure that no one ever saw that he had another son other than you know who” He said to David with a nod trying to tell him not to mention Blaine hoping that Shane and him won’t cross path’s yet so Shane can adjust. “What’s wrong kit?” he asked Shane
Shane shrugged, he missed his Mama. Kit’s had a strong bond to their mother’s. She’d always been proud of him and then she’d died and he’d been alone. He batted at David’s tail, a little half heartedly now.
Wesley shut the video off and crawled back into bed and mewled at Shane looking to David with a sad look his little boyfriend had no mom and he was trying as best he could to comfort and be there for Shane but he knew that wouldn’t be enough he hoped though that it would help
David sighed, “Um… Wes? Can I have a word outside?”
Wesley nodded getting up and looking to Shane. “I’ll be right back” he followed David towards the door
David looked at Wes, raising an eyebrow one the door was closed, “You realise we can’t keep him and Blaine apart forever right?”

Wesley “I’m not planning to I just need Shane to adjust he’s never been around more than 2 people before in his life. His dad kept him caged and you should see the bruises on the poor Kit’s body I want to beat the shit out of his father. I feel something for that young one” He said pointing to his heart “Not pity, or sympathy but something like protection like I need to be near him take care of him I like him, I want to see where this goes” He looked to David “When Shane is able to stay in class for a full day we will introduce him to Blaine” He smiled
David frowned, “But he knows Blaine… I mean I’ve definitely heard Blaine mentioning a brother before… He’s always been vague, I guess now we know why.”
Wesley nodded “Yeah I’ve heard him mention a brother too, I mean Shane will come round to feeling comfortable soon he has too” he looked to David “I won’t keep him from Blaine I promise I just want him more comfortable around the students didn’t you see him today?”
David nodded, “True… Alright. But Nick said he wanted to audition for Warblers?”
Wesley nodded “I think that will happen when he feels more comfortable yet again maybe that’s when he can meet Blaine?”
"Unless he walks into him in the hallway." David warned.
Wesley nods “I know” He smiled to David “Trust me I’m not keeping him from his brother just trying to get him use to the crowds and his kitten instinct, just make sure you are aware of how your tail is” He laughed to his friend “he loves your tail” He snickered “Oh that was amazing David, thank you by the way. Apparently our Kit here know’s more about Mating than I do” He smiles
David blinked, surprised, “What do you mean?”
Wesley “he knows about mating how you find your true mate” He said
"The leaf mark?" David laughed, "You didn’t know about that?"
Wesley shook my head “No”
David chuckled softly, “Idiot, that’s what the internet’s for.”
Wesley shrugged “Nevermind”
"You’d better get back in there too him… He seemed pretty depressed." David frowned, with Squirrel hybrids it was the father that was more important, "Do mothers really matter all that much to cats?"
Wesley nods “Yes if your mother abandons you at birth you could die” He stated
David blinked, “Wow… How old was he? Was he old enough that it wouldn’t really matter?”
Wesley nodded “it sounds like he was 5” He stated
"Still pretty young…" David mused.
Wesley nodded “yes he was” he said with a sad look “I gotta get back in there Text me okay buddy?” he said smiling to David “Thanks again” he said and slipped back into the room and looked to Shane curled up in his bed “Hey my little one”
Shane mewled softly, some days he missed his Mama more than others. It was getting harder and harder to remember her but kit’s would always have an empty spot in their heart without their mother. There were something things only a mother could help her kitten with.
Wesley smiled and curled up with Shane in his bed. Wes’ tail came back around Shane and he began to lap at Shane’s neck “I’m sorry little one”
Shane pressed himself close to Wes, “Why?”
Wesley “That I went out there for a few to talk to David” He purred against Shane’s ear trying to soothe his boyfriend the little kit he was
Shane smiled softly, “It’s okay, he’s your best friend. Was he… Was he annoyed at me for playing?”
Wesley shook his head “No he understood and he hopes you are able to join the Warblers soon” He smiled sweetly to Shane
Shane ‘s eyes sparkled, “I really want to!” He nodded, “I love to sing… But… How many Warblers are there?”
Wesley “a fair few, so you will audition when you feel comfortable to be in a big crowd” he stated
Shane ‘s face fell, he couldn’t help but be a little disappointed and frustrated with himself.
Wesley cooed to Shane “what’s wrong my kit?”
Shane pouted, “I just… I want to sing. I think it would help me but… but I’m so /messed/ up that I can’t even do that.”
Wesley sighs “you can it just takes time sweet lil one”
Shane nodded unhappily.
Wesley lapping Shane’s neck “Sweet one what’s wrong?”
Shane “I just… I w-want to be /normal/.” He cried, tears spilling down his cheeks.
Wesley curling tighter around Shane “you will, you are normal”
Shane shook his head, “No I’m n-not…”
Wesley “yes you are”
Shane “Normal people c-can get through a d-day of lessons without freaking out…”
Wesley “you are normal little one I can assure you”
Shane bit his lip, “How can you tell?”
Wesley “because I know you baby”
Shane sniffled, clinging to he older cat.
Wesley “You okay?”
Shane nodded, “I guess…”
Wesley “you are very nervous”
Wesley “Aren’t you?”
Shane nodded, “Like a f-freak.” He whispered.
Wesley “Your not a freak baby”
Shane “Daddy said I was…”
Wesley “Your dad is an asshole” He gritted his teeth “everything he’s ever said to you I wish I could erase and fill with love and caring”
Shane looked up at Wes with shining eyes, “Really?”
Wesley “Yes really” He said sweetly to the kit “curl up little one”
Shane mewled and nodded, snuggling close to Wes, curling in a ball.
Wesley “you are cared for now, you are liked, love will come in time young one I’m here” He cooed
Shane purred, he liked hearing things like that, it made him feel safe.
Wesley purred to shane
Shane felt himself drifting to sleep, clinging to Wes’ shirt.
Wesley continues to purr his eye’s shutting as Shane’s does
Shane fell asleep quickly, safe and warm in his boyfriend’s arms.
Wesley closed his eyes falling to sleep sweetly

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